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Getting started with explainer videos

Getting started with explainer videos

Explainer Videos | How to Make Your Own

Explainer videos are brief videos used to illustrate the product or service of your business. These videos are often put on a home page, or popular product page of the website. These types of videos have gone incredibly popular – some websites are up to 144 percent with retention rates after an explainer video is featured on their website.

Types Of Explainer Videos

Following are the types of explainer videos:

Live-Action Explainer Videos

A non-animated promotional video describes the product or service of your brand. Live-action videos are typically better for businesses to offer a physical product or services for people, such as a restaurant or consultancy company. Flesh and blood people will build an intimate bond for audiences in your video since we are instinctively attracted to other human faces.

Animated Explainer Videos

Animation, the most common medium of explainer video, is also the preferred method for illustrating programs or intangible technological items such as apps. There are few, if any, actual objects in certain services, rendering live-action an impractical choice. Animated videos boost more creativity, and when you choose to make potential changes, they are easier to edit or change.

Whiteboard Explainer Videos

A video on a Whiteboard is an explainer video that displays animation manually and erases on a whiteboard. Due to its ease of operation and low cost, this video format has become popular, making it the cheapest way to make such videos.

Steps To Make Explainer Videos

We’ll walk you through the steps to make your explainer video! It’s not a simple job, it takes a lot of attention and commitment but it’s worth the work, we can promise.

Pen Down The Script Of Your Video

The script is the key factor in the development of a successful explainer video. Your video may have the coolest visuals and a special voiceover in the world, but without a good script, it wouldn’t have meant much to getaway.

The script is where much of the time has to be invested. It is better to write your video script, even though you wish to contract a production firm. You know better than anybody else the worries and pain of your target client, and the video must answer these issues. What is wrong with your future clients? What makes them confused about your deal or product? If you have not done any research to address these questions, now is the time to examine and find out about your audience.

It is best to follow this general description in your explainer video script.

  • Quick and simple description and what the product does.
  • Address the issue.
  • Respond with a solution to the problem, through product or service.
  • Call to action, for example, by clicking here, register for our free trial!
Record A Unique And Clear Voiceover For Your Video

You will need a voiceover once you have a script. There are some options:

  • Voices.com:This site has a vast network of voice experts.
  • Craigslist:On Craigslist, including voiceovers, you will find about anything.
  • Fiverr:For your explainer video, you could get a good voiceover on Fiverr for just a mere amount! You’re going to have to pay a little more maybe, usually $5 is the starting price – some charge by the second, some by word. Yet you certainly won’t find a voiceover for cheaper anywhere.
Production Of Your Explainer Video

When it comes to the development and production of the explainer video, you may follow a variety of directions. Like:

  • Hire The Services Of A Pro:There are many extremely skilled experienced video creators out who can help you create one of the best explainer videos. If you take this road, you’ll have some high-level video costs-be prepared to pay out anywhere from $5,000 to $20,000 for a service like this. The bonus is that you will have video specialists who will support you in every move and your video will look amazing. A few explainer video firms include Demo Duck, Wyzowl, LessFilms, Flikli, Explainly, and Studio Pigeon.
  • Use Any Animated Explainer Video Software Like Powtoon:If you are eager to make an animated explainer video, but do not have an animation experience and want to do it on a budget, use any software for it, like PowToon. This animated video software can be used by someone with any basic programming skills. It certainly won’t be a masterpiece, but it’s simple and free to start making. You also have a set of tutorials to help you create your explainer video.
  • Film Your Own Explainer Video With iPhone:Right, on your iPhone you can film your video! DIY is an ideal way to make affordable explainer videos. The best options for editing are iMovie or Camtasia. This Animation Toolkit from Salsify will provide you with a lot of fantastic animation tools and resources if you want to create a DIY animated explainer video.
  • Hire The Services Of An Experienced Freelancer:Experienced freelancers may deliver a significantly cheaper cost than big producers to illustrate video production support in high-quality ways. You can find one on craigslist and other freelance websites, quickly enough.
Music and Sound Effects That You Will Include In Your Explainer Video

Chances are that your animated video or even your live video will require a sweet sound and music. There are several sites where you can find tracks.

  • MusOpen:Give free music for recordings, music sheets, etc.
  • Free Sound:a Creative Commons archive of audio and approved recording samples.
  • YouTube:The video king itself provides some free background music for video productions to use.
  • Audio Jungle:Audio files with loops, sound effects, and more free of charge.
  • Audacity:This free software helps you to generate your audio files, instead of giving you an audio file.

Please note to read closely the fine print on these websites about what under the sound file license agreement is or is not allowed. Some are cheap purchases at once and free of royalties, some require reward, etc.

Evaluate The Performance

Evaluate the video engagement and be willing to modify the video. With YouTube Insight, you can see some solid data, but Google Analytics can take you far further down your comfort zone as long as you play to create personalized event monitoring. There are also other analytical monitoring solutions available in Wistia and Google Analytics that can also be effective for you to evaluate the performance of your explainer video.

We hope that the following guide will help you to create a good explainer video for your brand. With the help of it, go on to make some nice explainer videos.